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About Us

Lost Man Maps is a custom cartography studio located in Portland, Oregon, started by Matt Hoffman. Matt is a cartographer with degrees in Geography and Civil and Environmental Engineering, and he finds his passion in creating maps that both inform and entertain. Over his five years of cartographic experience, he has earned numerous recognitions, including an award from the North American Cartographic Information Society and the Feldman Award for Distinction in Geography.

Custom Cartography

Let Lost Man Maps work on your map or visualization project. Our specialties include outdoor recreation, science, and engineering, and natural resources management. However, we offer a wide-range of services for any custom cartography job, large or small. We are adept at using an extensive array of data sources and can provide finished work for print, press, screen, or web. We believe cartography is as much an art as a science and cannot be automated by computer. At Lost Man Maps, we have significant GIS capabilities, but we do not rely on technology to produce useful and appealing maps. Browse our website to see examples of our work.

Past project experiences:

  • Maps for outdoor recreation
  • Maps and figures for scientific reports (eg: water resource, structural geology, restoration ecology)
  • Large-format posters and signs
  • Interpretive guides to natural landscapes
  • Interactive web maps
  • Custom 3-D terrain views
  • Multi-media maps incorporating photography and text

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