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"The Cascades of Northern Oregon" Poster
The definitive guide to the Cascade Mountains from Mt. Hood to the Three Sisters

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Description: 24" x 52" poster depicting the Cascade Mountains through the northern half of Oregon with all named peaks and major landforms labeled. The range is shown in stunning detail at 5x vertical exaggeration, and additionally at actual proportions for visual reference. The poster also includes five close-up views of the major mountains of the range.


  • Amazing detail at 24"x52" poster size
  • Pictorially shows the Cascade Mountains as viewed from the Willamette Valley
  • Locator map showing mapped area within the region
  • Summary of geologic history

Panoramic View:

  • 5x vertical exaggeration view reveals terrain detail
  • Unexaggerated view provides realism
  • Over 300 peaks labeled with name and elevation
  • 60 major cities, towns, rivers, streams, passes, and other landmarks labeled
  • Approximate horizontal scale 1 : 162,000

Close-up Views:

  • Close-up views shown for Mt. Hood, Mt. Jefferson, Three Fingered Jack, Mt. Washington, and the Three Sisters
  • Realistic close-up views for major mountains show terrain features including glaciers, sub-peaks, and Pacific Crest Trail
  • Approximate scale 1 : 28,000


Sample of the Panoramic View for the area near Mt. Jefferson:

Panoramic View sample


Sample of the Close-up View of Mt. Hood:

Close-up View sample

 Check out a framed version of the poster to get an idea of scale.

"The Cascades of Northern Oregon" is no longer being sold online or at retail stores. It may be possible to make purchases through Mazamas or the Portland State University Department of Geology.


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